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“To Cure Sometimes, To Comfort Always, To Hurt The Least, To Harm Never” – Singh and Singh

Medical marijuana is still a controversial topic for many people. Nevertheless, it is an effective treatment for symptom management of various conditions that range from chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder to seizure disorders and cancer.

Before you can take cannabis for medical treatment, you must undergo proper evaluation. A doctor needs to conduct an evaluation and review of your medical records to make sure you qualify for medical cannabis certification. This way, you can avoid misuse of and dependency on cannabis.

Dr. Jonathan Allen of Green Medical Solutions is currently the only doctor in southeast Louisiana who specializes specifically in medical marijuana. He stays updated on the latest research and techniques involving cannabis.

Given the knowledge and experience of Dr. Allen, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of every patient’s eligibility for a medicinal cannabis treatment program. Additionally, we provide all resources necessary to legally obtain the medicine from state-approved pharmacies.

Many Americans have found relief from their medical conditions and symptoms with medicinal cannabis. Regardless of condition, you should be properly evaluated and provided with the proper medical marijuana to achieve the best results. without the proper evaluation from a trained and highly recommended physcian and the proper medication from a state approved registered marijuana pharmacy, you may reduce your chances of success.
No need to worry, that is why Green Medical Solutions is here. We verify your eligibility for cannabis treatment. Certification ensures that patients safely and legally use marijuana for their pre-existing condition. It also prevents the use of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that may potentially encourage dependency or have harsh, unwanted side effects.
Green Medical Solutions is a unique private practice. In addition to having a caring and compassionate medical team, we provide medical cannabis treatment plans for eligible Louisiana residents.

Pre Visit Requirements

  • Must be a legal Louisiana resident with valid proof of residency, such as a state-issued I.D.
  • Must be diagnosed with one or more qualifying condition(s) and have medical records documenting the diagnosis, any therapies and treatments tried, and those currently being used.
  • Dr. Allen believes in giving back to our community and those that serve us. To thank those that serve our country, our medical team offers a discount to patients who are military veterans. All veterans are entitled to a $50 discount on their initial visit. Just bring a copy of your military ID. Once your $50 booking fee is paid, you will only have to pay the remaining balance of $150 for the certification.
  • The total cost of a visit for non-military personnel/veterans is $250. When your $50 booking fee is paid, you will pay the remainder upon receiving service ($200).
  • Once the program has officially begun and the products are available, there will be a $70 fee each month, which will entitle patients to unlimited visits, either face to face, via telemedicine, or by email. This will allow patients to work closely with Dr. Allen to tailor their specific regimen with them to best control their specific symptoms, without having to wait three or six months to adjust their medications to get the maximum potential benefits at regularly scheduled visits.
  • Dr. Allen recommends a follow up at least every 3 months to reevaluate your success with the treatment regimen and make adjustments as needed. There will be no charge as long as monthly payments have been made. This will assist with best practices and will help evaluate and document how a patient's conditions are improving. The State of Louisiana requires a face to face visit once a year as of right now.

Green Medical Solutions is a unique private practice. In addition to having a caring and compassionate medical team, we also provide medical cannabis recommendations for Louisiana patients and provide certification for eligible individuals as well.

Dr. Allen is one of only a few doctors in the state who specializes in medicinal cannabis. He stays updated with marijuana research and treatment programs. He knows the best approach to medical marijuana for each patient. Schedule a consultation with him, today.


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